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We are actively looking for new product ideas and have a unique development program that allows you to own your invention in partnership with us. Most companies are not interested in new instrument development and if they are they will usually only pay a small amount in royalties. Gen2 takes a different approach. We have a number of partnering options available. Call us to discuss your product idea and how we might help get your idea to market. The Gen2 team has over 80 years of combined experience in developing and commercializing unique medical devices and implants. We are an FDA registered company located in Cleveland, Ohio and are experts in:

Business Development, Product Design and Commercialization, Prototyping, FDA Approval, Quality Control and Intellectual Property Rights 

                                Some of the surgeons we worked with and products developed in the past


   Albert Rhoton Jr, MD (various micro instruments while at V. Mueller)

   John Collis, MD (Collis Retractor and Shavers)

   Ronald I. Apfelbaum, MD (Micro Dissector Set, Bi-polar forceps, Spinal Curettes, Transsphenoidal Mirror)

   George W. Sypert, MD (Sypert Tamps)

   Robert F. Spetzler, MD (Spetzler Sonntag Trans Oral Retractor System)

   Thomas Ducker, MD (Ducker Spinal Retractors)

   Claudio Feller, MD (Feller Ducker Spinal Retractors)

   Evandro De Oliveira, MD (Oliveira Micro Scissors)

   Robert G. Grossman, MD (Suture Passer, Spinal Retractor)

   Leonard Cerullo, MD (Laser Instruments)

   William A. Friedman, MD (Lateral Spine approach Instruments)

   Kenneth E. Salyer, MD (cranial bone graft harvester osteotome)


   Robert S. Bray, Jr, MD (SmartPlate anterior cervical plate, InterPlate™ C-Ti, cervical plate/spacer                              InterPlate L-Ti, lumbar ALIF plate/spacer, and the InterPlate C-P)


   Eric Blom, PhD and Mark Singer, MD (Blom-Singer Voice Prosthesis)


 *INTERPLATE is a registered trademark of RSB Spine, LLC