Gen 2 Medical Equipment RJR Steribite Intelisurg

Gen2 Medical is dedicated to importing, manufacturing, and selling high-quality surgical instruments and devices for use in all surgical specialties, with a primary focus on Neurosurgery, Orthopedic Surgery, and Spinal Surgery products. Our mission is to provide dealers, companies, and surgeons with unique, high-quality products that help reduce costs, improve operating room efficiencies, and ultimately increase surgeon satisfaction. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service, consistent dependability, and valuable support, serving as a go-to industry expert for decision-makers around the world. The founders of Gen2 Medical are pioneers in the development of many unique surgical instruments and medical devices from product lines such as GEN2™STERIBITE® and INTELISURG.

We also welcome the opportunity to work with surgeon inventors who have a passion for creating excellent products that improve surgical procedures and provide outstanding value. Gen2 Medical’s unique partnering options allow surgeon inventors to maintain more control over their ideas and keep a larger share of the financial rewards than are typically available with other companies. We leverage relationships with top surgeons and utilize our team’s expertise in Product Design, Business Development, Prototyping, FDA Approval, Quality Control, and Intellectual Property Rights to help make your vision come to life. With 80+ years of combined experience in developing and commercializing unique medical devices and implants, we look forward to making your idea a reality. Contact us now to get started.